We can have up to 250 people actually come up and play. Additionally, everyone plays during audience rounds.

Our standard live set requires approximately a 12’x12’ area and a few feet of open space in front. Our deluxe set requires 25’x12’ and a few feet space in front. We also have mini table top sets for smaller spaces available.

We bring our live game show set which includes a digital scoring system, lockout buzzer systems, countdown clock, chase lighting, microphones, and a pro audio system. 

There is always a minimum of 2 staff members at every show. Larger private events may require more staff.

Yes, we have been doing themes since our inception. Over the years, we have compiled thousands of questions in dozens of categories to enhance the theme and success of your assembly program, event, etc. In the unlikely case that your theme is something we haven’t done, we will work with you on details until your every need is met. 

Hollyrock has been in business for nearly 30 years. Each year we visit approximately 500 schools and 90 summer camps. Each one of our hosts is carefully trained and highly experienced having MC’d hundreds of events.

Our show is specifically designed to be highly interactive and hilariously funny for everyone.  All shows can be curated to have adult only content or solely kid friendly content, but a mixed show that is fun for everyone is what differentiates Hollyrock from β€˜the other guys.’ Not only will everyone get a chance to play, but all age ranges will also interact with one another. Plus, you can be sure that those who choose to observe will be thoroughly entertained!

Aside from school assemblies and private game shows, Hollyrock also turns your party up! We employ DJs, MCs, Dancers, and A/V techs. We use high end pro audio and pull out all of the stops to tailor our show to your individual needs. Our goal is to allow you to kick back while we ensure that you and your guests have the time of your lives!

For school assemblies and most private events we arrive 1 hour before show time to set up.

20% of the shows we do are in accordance with orthodox traditions. We are aware of the customs and can adjust our content based on your specific needs. We also work with over 50 Catholic schools every year, so we understand and respect those traditions too. If your group falls outside of these categories, we can work with you to ensure the show encompasses everything you need and leaves out anything you don’t want.