The Hollyrock virtual shows are a hot take on our already successful live game shows!

Our shows are a combination of the best elements from the most popular TV game shows. We have adapted to ensure that our Lightning Rounds of Q&A, physical challenges & visual brain teasers still produce the same laughs and educational value as before.

Gather your friends, round up your students, or rally your staff, then let our entertainers do the rest. Our shows incorporate elements of Jeopardy, Let’s Make a Deal, & Name that Tune, and you can play from anywhere in the world! Watch as our physical challenges & visual brain teasers still produce the same laughs and hold the same educational value as before.

Every aspect of the show is highly interactive, fast paced and hilariously funny. Contact us for more info.


Hollyrock Entertainment has a wide range of school programs that can be tailored to elementary, middle, and high school settings. We are industry experts when it comes to creating engaging and educational entertainment content for kids. From school assemblies, to PTA gatherings and everything in between, we know what works.

Every year we service over 550 schools in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. At most schools we are such a hit, they keep us coming back year after year as an annual event. Our content is fresh and our entertainers are lively.

Questions are written by teachers, cover over 15 school subjects, and are added to each year to keep things fresh. Our game show is an exciting and fast paced review of what kids have learned through their years in school and is an effortless method for holding the attention of students of any grade.

Additionally, as versatile entertainers, we can take on some more serious topics by tailoring your show towards anti-bullying or health and fitness. There is an art to engaging kids and young adults, especially on tougher topics, but we have spent years mastering it.

If you are interested in having us visit your school please contact us. We will gladly go over every detail and answer any questions you may have.


For nearly 30 years, Hollyrock Entertainment has performed thousands of TV style game shows for summer camps all along the East Coast. We’ve developed deep relationships with campers, counselors, and directors alike. 

Our camp show has the same exciting look and action of a real “LIVE” TV game show. EVERY CAMPER will participate in a non-stop series of fast-paced questions and action-packed physical challenges. Camp Brain Challenge also includes our lightning-fast CHAMPIONSHIP SIMON SEZ. Categories may include television, movies, music, sports, shopping and custom rounds all about your camp!

Everything about the show is customizable to fit within the essence of the camp environment. Have questions? Contact us!


A fun, exciting & special event for the religious community!

At Hollyrock, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of different religious traditions. We will work with you to ensure you receive the quality and excitement that Hollyrock is known for, all while respecting and embracing your specific customs.

From Hebrew School assemblies, Jewish sleep away camps, Catholic School performances, and more we have proven our ability to keep shows full of brain skills, physical challenges, & plain old fun. Our live TV game shows for religious organizations are lively, interactive, and get everyone involved. All of the content can be tailored from the questions, music, activities, etc. to ensure a Hollyrock performance is right for you.

Want to learn more? Contact us or see what religious organizations have said.


Promoting interaction, motivation, education, & team-bonding in a fun and memorable way!

A successful business is almost always a result of great teamwork, which makes our corporate programs essential. The Hollyrock corporate game show is an hour of excitement in which your team will participate in lighting-fast customized game categories as well as specific team-building physical challenges.

For nearly 30 years, we have brought our corporate Brain Challenge to countless businesses across the northeast helping to create healthier, better work environments and increase productivity. Be sure to ask about our wild and crazy Team-Building Scavenger Hunts and hilarious Corporate Simon Sezโ€ฆ

Inquire today about having Hollyrock at your next corporate event.


Making your party truly unforgettable!

Hollyrock proudly offers party entertainment for all occasions, big or small. No matter where we go or what we do, we specialize in bringing the fun. Whether it’s a birthday, big announcement, anniversary, or anything of the sort, we’ve got you covered.

Our team is experienced in party planning and can help create the unforgettable event you’ve been looking for. Party favorites include our professional DJs, celebrity big heads, and photo party favors, but the options are endlessโ€ฆ

You want it? We got it. Contact us today to start planning your next event.

55 and over

Having fun should never get old!

Due to overwhelming demand, Hollyrock has created a TV game show specifically for audiences ages 55 and over! The shows are a combination of Beat The Clock, age-specific Jeopardy, Name That Tune, & Let’s Make A Deal.

Old friends and family find themselves laughing out loud with categories like “Early Bird Special” and “Guess My Prescription.” Ideal for retirement parties, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, and more! There’s nothing better than an event made memorable with belly laughs and good companyโ€ฆ

Let Hollyrock provide a perfect evening of fun and laughs for the baby boomer generation!